UIA Projects

Completed. Delivered by We All Count.  Included twenty-one (21) UMBC participants from across the divisions.

In progress.  Provided $45K in grant funding to pilot UIA Degree Completion Grant Playbook and to explore the use of asset-based language in award notification.

In progress. Established institutional team.  Participated in UIA BSSI Convening (June 2021). Conducting deep dive of institutional data in Fall 2022 to better understand barriers to success followed by a planned series of focus group discussions  in Spring 2023 to develop better understanding of Black student experience.

Completed.  UIA fellow will leverage training to facilitate process mapping of key administrative functions and operations impacting the student experience (i.e. advising, transfer credit evaluation)

To commence in Fall 2022.  To identify and resolve institutional barriers to equity and college completion.